Combat improvements and rune stones


As mentioned in the last devlog our main focus has been combat for the last week.

We bumped up health and damage of both enemies and this resulted in harder fights and required more focus of the player.

Without more than one attack for the enemies the combat still feels a bit predictable in the wrong way, so we're working on getting more animations in there and making the attacks even more telegraphed.

Another new feature are rune stones. Mechanically they give the player a choice to destroy or activate them.

Destroying the rune stone will give the player more fragments that can be used to purchase items/upgrades from NPCs/shops that can be found in the game.

Activating gives the player an upgrade point that can be used to upgrade health or strength. However, getting the upgrade also means having to give up some health for strength or some strength for health.

We've also talked about having different rune stones with different upgrade-types, but we'll talk more about that later!


As we're still learning to do pixel art while developing this game we're constantly improving the designs and animations.
That's why we'll be working on adding new attack animations to the player.
We're also working on adding ladders and will probably start doing simple level generation next!

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