A downloadable game

Forfald is a combat-focused sidescrolling roguelite set in an afterlife that has fallen into decay and corruption.

As mentioned in the elevator pitch the gameplay will be focused largely around combat, which means that we won’t be throwing large amounts of enemies at you at once as many roguelites do. Instead the game will have generally tougher enemies that take skill to understand and kill.
We plan to add one or multiple boss fights to each biome as well.

The game’s levels will be procedurally generated in a metroidvania-inspired structure. We will be focusing on using hand-crafted rules and rooms to assure a not too random feeling experience for each run.

The game is being developed in our own game engine written in C++, which has support for Windows, Linux and Mac.

We have recently established an art- and thematic style we want to go for, and created our first concepts for the world and its inhabitants. The first zone we have created a more detailed concept for is a zone that we for now are calling “The Catacombs” as a working title. The gif below shows a rough image of what this zone might look like.

We are hard at work getting a playable demo ready as soon as possible, so we can really test and explore the possibilities of the world we want to create.

Development log